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You have enough faith! {Sunday October 6}

tree fern smallYearly Rhythm:

This is the 20th Sunday after Pentecost (Ordinary Time).

“The church sets aside a holy season called Ordinary Time as sacred. The Ordinary is part of the religious tradition of being ordered in our daily lives so that we can always be in the presence of the holy.” (Becca Stevens)

Weekly Rhythm:

Scripture readings (for Sunday) from the Revised Common Lectionary (with thanks to )

Lamentations 1:1-6 and Lamentations 3:19 -26. The destruction prophesied has come. Jerusalem and the temple are ruins. Exile from Jerusalem and Judah has begun. The prophet gives voice to the people’s lament: “Her foes have become her masters… because the Lord has made her suffer for the multitude of her transgressions.”
Psalm 137. One of the most painful of all the psalms and a fitting and realistic response to the first reading.
2 Timothy 1:1-14. Paul’s greeting and opening exhortation in the second letter: Remember who you are, rekindle the gift in you, don’t be afraid. There is no shame in suffering when it comes from trusting and obeying the Lord.
Luke 17:5-10. Jesus teaches on faith and status. The disciples ask for more faith; Jesus says they need a different kind. They appear to want to be treated as equals of powerful persons; Jesus tells them to regard themselves as slaves who can’t be sold for profit.

Bringing the Word to life (for personal or small group reflection)

What is faith all about?  Is it quantitative?  How do we have more faith?

How might Jesus be saying that we have enough faith in the quantitative sense in the above text?   What is he trying to do by pointing this out?

Do we earn our walk with God (through our faith) or is it in response to God serving us?

What kind of faith are you seeking?

Are we seeking be a servant or a master?

Controlling God or sitting at the feet of God, being/becoming a servant?

“Lord make me like you,

Lord make me like you,

You are a servant,

Make me one too

O Lord I am willing

Do what you must do

To make me like you Lord

Just make me like you.”

(from The Witness, Jimmy and Carol Owens)

 How can we live out servant faith through our actions, attitudes, habits and connections? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Daily Rhythm:

The Prayer Diary may be downloaded HERE. (Use this to guide your regular devotions.)

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Rhythms of Worship

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Welcome to “The Rhythms of Worship”.     God has created our world with a rhythm that is as life-giving as the beat of our hearts pulsing the blood through our veins. For centuries worshippers have sought to walk in step with this rhythm and they invite us into this vital connection.  In our tradition there is a daily, weekly and seasonal (yearly) cycle, all working together to breathe God’s life into us and connect us in a worshipful relationship with our Creator.   This blog explores these rhythms from the perspective of the Christian Year (using the Revised Common Lectionary).  It is aimed at those who want to journey with these texts in a transformational way, particularly from a worship perspective.  Each week we will share around the set texts as they inspire our daily, weekly and yearly rhythms.

This blog offers:

1)       A weekly/daily Prayer Diary with Adoration, Confessional, The Word, and Seeking the Kingdom rhythms  (ACTS).

2)        Weekly thoughts on the lectionary readings which will hopefully become interactive through the comments section.

3)       Questions and reflection on the weekly readings for small groups.

4)       Liturgical resources for Sunday Worship (Praying the Lectionary)

5)       Reflection on the rhythm of our Christian Year.