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God has created our world with a rhythm that is as life-giving as the beat of our hearts pulsing the blood through our veins. For centuries worshippers have sought to walk in step with this rhythm and they invite us into this vital connection.

The Christian Year

In our tradition there is a daily, weekly and seasonal (yearly) cycle, all working together to breathe God’s life into us and connect us in a worshipful relationship with our Creator.   This blog explores these rhythms from the perspective of the Christian Year, using the Revised Common Lectionary: it follows the life and ministry of Jesus and we learn how to become a community of love and discipleship.  It is aimed at those who want to journey with these texts in a transformational way, particularly from a worship perspective.  Each week we will share around the set texts as they inspire our daily, weekly and yearly rhythm.

Using the Revised Common Lectionary to set our yearly rhythm means that we don’t get to by-pass the hard passages of scripture. We are forced to think about things like the total commitment demanded by our jealous God, (Genesis 17) and the fact that there will be suffering and even maybe death (Mark 8). The wonder of our faith, however, is that we are loved, made in the image of God and working alongside the Creator to share the blessings we have received with the whole of creation!

The Revised Common Lectionary runs in a three year cycle (Year A, Year B, Year C) which is repeated. More information may be found here: Wikipedia and GBOD.

 How to use this blog:

Each week there will be a Devotional Diary, written to guide you through a daily time of quiet with God and His word. Each day follows a pattern of Adoration, Confession, The Word – the Revised Common Lectionary readings along with commentary and questions that may help you go deeper,  and Seeking the Kingdom (in response to The Word, looking outwards).

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